Scholars Guild is a partnership that was formed between a group of educators and homeschooling families to offer home educated students core academic classes at the middle and high school levels.  Our goal is to equip students through quality college-prep courses that not only grow them academically, but also in character and spirit. We want to prepare young adults who will be the leaders of their generation with the skills to communicate effectively and persuasively, understanding why they believe what they do.

The strength of our program lies in the instructors. They are not only qualified and experienced, but are passionate about teaching in their subject areas and dedicated followers of Christ. We take very seriously the responsibility to mentor students and impart a love for learning, even as they develop academic discipline in the more scholarly phase of the adolescent years.  Classes at Scholars Guild are taught from a distinctly Christian worldview.


Scholars Guild meets on Thursdays in First Baptist Loganville’s Education Building.